This page gives convenient access to various useful links and demonstrations associated with RKBExplorer.
It is primarily for the use of project members and collaborators, and not intended as a general entry point for other people.
It exposes many of the services of the RKB system in RESTful-style manners.
One day I will find the time to make a better page, with documentation.

If you are interested in something here and want to explore using it, please contact Hugh Glaser or Ian Millard.

RKB Explorer application
ReSIST project, Jean-Claude Laprie, ALRL Paper
iGoogle Gadgets of the RKB Panels
[Main Page]
Complete Co-Reference Information
[Main Page],
or try: Nigel Shadbolt, Hugh Glaser, Brian Randell, Jean-Claude Laprie, Seungwoo Lee
Ontology Mapping
[Main Page],
or try: KISTI -> AKT (RDF, html);
Networks (Communities of Practice)
[Find the Network of a URI],
or try: Hugh Glaser, The Semantic Web Revisited, Tim Berners-Lee
Detail Information
[Find Information about a URI],
or try: Hugh Glaser, The Semantic Web Revisited, Tim Berners-Lee
Why? - Why are two Things Related?
[Main Page],
or try: Jean-Claude Laprie to Brian Randell or "The Semantic Web Revisited" to "Building a Pragmatic Semantic Web"
Papers related by content
[Main Page],
or try: Exception Handling and Software-Fault Tolerance, NFTAPE: networked fault tolerance and performance evaluator
[Main Page],
or try: Hugh Glaser in people, Linked Data in publications.
Do Coref by matching Paper Titles
[Main Page]
View RKB Linkage
[Main Page],
or try: SVG Version