Hugh and Ian are pleased to acknowledge the help of many colleagues.

Clearly for project that has grown over a number of years, and incorporates many different technologies, many, many people have contributed in many ways, providing code, data, ideas, support, money, etc.

This is an attempt to name them as best we can, sometimes noting a particualr aspect of a contribution, but of necessity will omit some people - sorry.

And any mistakes in the system are our fault, not anyone else's.

Harith Alani
Marcus Cobden (Fresnel subsystem)
Ben Dowling (CRS)
Nick Gibbins
Steve Harris (3store)
Duncan McRae-Spencer (ACM, Citeseer data)
Brian Randell
Nigel Shadbolt
Mike Suominen

Funding Acknowledgements

The RKB Explorer is provided by the ReSIST Project, which is a Network of Excellence (Contract number 026764) funded by the European Union under the 6th Framework "Information Society Technologies" programme.

Other funding has been provided by the Korea Institute of Science Technology Information (KISTI).

Data Acknowledgements

We acknowldege with thanks the following major sources of data:

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The DBLP Computer Science Bibliography
The National Science Foundation
The Association for Computing Machinery
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